Que Bottle Iceberg Blue Collapsible Water Bottle

Product Description

Made of 100% BPA-free food-grade silicone, que Bottle is 100% plastic-free, making it safe for people and the planet. It’s lightweight and compact, taste and odor free, stain and bacteria resistant, dishwasher safe, and safe to use for both hot (up to 140F) and cold beverages (you can even stick it in the freezer!).

Ummmmm.... that sounds pretty much perfect! We love the collapsible design, making this easy to carry and even easier to store! The entire family can use these aesthetically pleasing, functionally fabulous bottles. 

The Que bottle is tested for its high and pure grade silicone quality because we understand that the container that holds your water should be safe. Unlike metal or plastic containers, silicone WILL NOT change the taste of your water. It's the water bottle that has the best qualities of glass and metal, with the added benefit of being flexible, light, and shatter resistant.

$ 24.95