Persnickety Plum Crazy Rosa Headband

Product Description


  • Designer: Persnickety Clothing - Plum Crazy | Fall 2016
  • made in the USA
    • in stock 
  • Persnickety Clothing for girls is always an anticipated favorite, and the Fall 2016 Plum Crazy collection is no exception! Available in sizes 2-12, with select baby 3m-3yrs and tween up to 16. This modern, fashionable, yet child centered collection is just what the mother ordered..... easy, trendy styles she will wear, combined with the classic and wholesome looks we approve of. Wait... there's more! This American company has a calling to give back.... and they do. In a big way!! Every Persnickety Clothing Company purchase makes a difference, as the company donates time, money and clothing for children in need. 


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