Little Luna Blue Children's Boutique is pleased to offer the fabulous American girls boutique clothing brand Fiveloaves Twofish. MADE IN THE USA! Great for babies, girls and tweens too!

Fiveloaves Twofish is a fashion driven lifestyle brand for girls, tweens, and young contemporaries. They have now introduced a small, sweet collection for babies too! The collection is an all encompassing look,attitude, and way of life. They design clothing for the up and coming generation’s needs, wants and desires. We design in order for girls to grow-up and enjoy each stage from 4 to 16, while allowing them to embrace the transitions from little girl, to girl, to tween. We like to call these stages the age of exploration, as girls are caught between “little” girlhood and “juniors.” During this age of exploration, Fiveloaves Twofish provides girls with a rich collection of varying attitudes that allows girls to play with who they will become be each and every day.

Fiveloaves Twofish

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Fiveloaves Twofish Fawn of Winter Dress
Fiveloaves Twofish Floral Ballerina Skater Baby Dress
Fiveloaves Twofish Floral Ballerina Skater Dress
Fiveloaves Twofish Holiday Abbie Dress
Fiveloaves Twofish Nutcracker Border Dress
Fiveloaves Twofish Rose Gold Chandelier Skirt Set
Fiveloaves Twofish Striped Kitties Maddie Dress
Fiveloaves Twofish Tartan Party Dress